May 26, 2010

Things To Do In Huntsville

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There are usually a number of events which are happening in Huntsville every weekend. That is one of the benefits to living in this area. No matter what one’s tastes, Huntsville has a variety of cultural, artistic, and sports events annually. This weekend should be no exception. Check out Huntsville-Alabama.net for events in the area-or post your own event.

May 25, 2010

Huntsville and The Economy

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Huntsville, Alabama is not only a great place to live but it has been recognized in national magazines as such. The nations’s economy has been hit hard over the last two years and we have witnessed the fallout across the United States. Not since the depression have we seen such a shaking of the financial institutions of our country. Luckily, it would appear that Huntsville, itself, has escaped much of the economic collapse we have seen in other parts of our the U.S.. With BRAC becomining a greater reality, it is likely Huntsville may even experience an economic boom within the next few years. However, now is not the time for jubillation as things can still change. Local and state leaders must adopt some well-thought economic policies to help guide the city through the depths of the current recession.

May 14, 2010

Welcome to Rocket City Blog Space!

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This is the newest blog in Huntsville, Alabama. We are striving to make this the Number 1 website for North Alabama.

May 13, 2010


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A word of caution here; don’t install an invisible dog fence in your front yard.  I have seen many homes that have installed these invisible fences in their front yards.  This is an amazing advancement in barrier construction and design, but it has no place being in your front yard.  I like to take walks at night and have come across many homes that have viscous looking dogs standing in their front yard.  As with any dog, they snarl, bark, and growl every time I walk by the home.   Some even like to sprint towards me as if they were ready to take a bite out of my a_ _.  As a property owner or renter, or whatever, it is your responsibility to maintain a safe premise.  If I were to step into your front yard not knowing that a vicious dog was there, within this invisible fence, and get bitten by the dog, I could sue.  Most of these homes that do have their pet dogs fenced in the front yard do not have any warning that there is a potential risk of a pet.  If your pet must be in the front yard, perhaps a posted sign acknowledging that a dog is fenced in would help to reduce your liability.  Always keep in mind that you must do your best as a home owner or renter to ensure that your property is safe in the event that someone steps onto your property.  An ounce of prevention goes a long way in protecting yourself from a lawsuit. 


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Should the minimum teen driving age be increased across the country? This is a question that has plagued many of us for several years now. I am a parent and I am becoming more and more concerned with this question as my children become older. The driver’s age in many states for obtaining a driver’s license is 16 years old. This of course varies from state to state. Each state has its own set of laws that governs the age requirements for a driver’s license. Some states have certain restrictions for the driver’s once a license has been granted and an unrestricted license can only be granted once the driver reaches a certain age or number of hours driven, etc.

Countless accidents occur year after year due to the result of inexperienced, immature drivers on the road. To drive a motor vehicle a certain level of maturity and responsiveness is needed. Furthermore, a certain level of mental capacity is needed to help anticipate the outcome of a driving decision. At what age do we consider an individual to be mature enough to put their own lives in their hands or even that of others?

Let’s work to make our roads safer and reduce the number of traffic accidents and personal injury cases by revisiting these minimum driving ages. What can we do to protect our children on our roads? This is a serious issue that now plagues our society. Countless deaths occur each year that could be reduced if we were to revisit the driving age requirement.

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