July 23, 2010

Money Magazine ranks Huntsville 25th for most affordable homes.

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The 170,000-resident Huntsville ranked No. 19 in the most affordable homes category of Money’s 2010 Best Places to live list for the nation’s small cities. Huntsville had a median home price of $140,000 and median family income per year of $68,755.  This is great news for the City of Huntsville.  Not only is Huntsville poised for growth, but it is one of the cities with the most affordable homes.  This is probably one of the defining features of Huntsville that has attracted so many people from outside.  Huntsville is truly a unique city which is bountiful in great opportunities and savings.   Not only does Huntsville have a great school system, but it also has low crime rates, and very affordable homes compared to those in the nation.

June 27, 2010

Star Wars Makes History in Rocket City!

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I was fortunate enough to go see the new exhibit “Where Science Meets Imagination.”  It was quite an exhibit!  It was wonderful to be able to see and experience much of the Star Wars universe.  The exhibit features more than 80 costumes, models and props from all six Star Wars films.  Many of the exhibits are kid frienly that invite them to defy gravity, manipulate robots, and engineer droids.  You walk through the exhibit at your own pace which takes about an hour to an hour and a half. 

The only thing I would have loved to see more at the exhibit would be more props from the original Star Wars films.  Overall, I would give the exhibit two thumbs up.  It was an experience to see props from these classic films that have captivated so many people over thirty years.

June 17, 2010

My Dad!

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June 18th is Father’s Day!  In honor of Father’s Day we are starting a post for all Fathers out there.  Please add a comment about your Dad and maybe add his picture.  Just let him know how much you love and appreciate everything he has done for you. 

Dad is a very important part of any person’s life, be they young or old.  Growing up I took many things for granted; and I believe I took my Father for granted at times.  My Mother was a stay-at-home Mom and my Father worked to provide for the family.  I’ve never truly understood the sacrifices and love of my Father until this day—now when I have a family of my own to provide for and support.  As a child, I never worried about not having food or shelter or clothing or toys to play with, but that was due to the care of my Father and all of the sacrifices he made to care for me and our family.  Today, I understand what it means to be a father.   I understand the fears he must have had to provide for our family, to always have food on the table, a roof over our heads, and clothing on our backs. 

Thank you Dad for all the years of tireless love, sacrifice, and care!

Honor your father today by sharing a comment or photo about him!

What Should We Do With Amy Bishop?

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I am sure this is a major question that is on the mind of every Huntsvillian right now.   Especially, after she was charged with the first-degree murder of her brother some 24 years later in Canton, Massachusetts.  For this charge she will face life imprisonment without the possibility of parole if she is convicted in the shooting death of her brother Seth Bishop.  Originally some 24 years ago the authorities in Massachusetts had ruled the death of her 18-year –old brother an accident.  But, now they have changed their minds after she has lived an extra 24 years of freedom and is charged with gunning down six of her colleagues in which three have died.  Now they have made a mistake?  Tell that to the families of the victims.  We were wrong, but we would like her to be tried for killing her brother.

So, where does that put us here in Huntsville?  Should we ship Amy Bishop back to Massachusetts and let them deal with her; where she may spend the rest of her life in prison?  Or should we let justice be served here in Huntsville, where the death penalty could be her final option?  Alabama justice or Massachusetts’s justice?  It seems to me that it should not have taken 24 years to figure out that someone was guilty of a heinous crime.  Life or Death for Amy Bishop—that is a question that must be faced in the coming time.  What should we do with Amy Bishop?

May 25, 2010

Huntsville and The Economy

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Huntsville, Alabama is not only a great place to live but it has been recognized in national magazines as such. The nations’s economy has been hit hard over the last two years and we have witnessed the fallout across the United States. Not since the depression have we seen such a shaking of the financial institutions of our country. Luckily, it would appear that Huntsville, itself, has escaped much of the economic collapse we have seen in other parts of our the U.S.. With BRAC becomining a greater reality, it is likely Huntsville may even experience an economic boom within the next few years. However, now is not the time for jubillation as things can still change. Local and state leaders must adopt some well-thought economic policies to help guide the city through the depths of the current recession.

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